Identification Of Nursing Informatics Theory

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Identification of Nursing Informatics Theory Lewin 's Change Management Theory The presence of change is inevitable. Healthcare organizations are challenged by changes every single day. Unlike, any other organization, the healthcare system exists to serve and care for human beings during some of the most challenging times of their lives. Nurses are challenged by changes every minute, of every day. Nurses are educated and trained to possess such an understanding of medical conditions and their impact on the human being, taught to expect the unexpected, and assume the worst. Nurses plan for the worst. Nurses possess the unique ability to make order out of chaos. Despite the ever-changing environment in which they practice, nurses find a…show more content…
Integrating health technology innovations into the clinical practice setting is proven to, enhance the quality of care, the safety of patients, reduce the occurrence of preventable deaths, decrease the number of medication errors, promotes the use of evidence-based practice, and serves as a convenient and valuable interdisciplinary communication tool. In a dynamic and ever changing setting, such as large healthcare organizations, any deviation from the status quo, need to be rapidly, effectively, strategically, and methodically introduced. A German-American social psychologist specializing in the integration of theory into practice. Kurt Lewin is known as the founder of modern social psychology. Lewin studied biology at the Uniersiity of Munich, he went on to the Jniversity of Berlin where he received a Ph.D in psychology. Lewin’s interest in the philosophy of science and factors that influence individuals to change led to the three stages needed to make change essential (. ).Kurt Lewin identified the need for research focusing on the human aspect to change. Kurt Lewin, states changes do not occur by chance. Change is an intentional and planned event, caused by distorting the balance between the two forces he identified as driving forces and resisting forces. Lewin suggests that human behavior is caused by two forces, the driving forces, which initiate and maintain change, and the resisting forces, which inhibit and restrict change. Lewin (1951) suggests forces
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