Identification Of Target Customers And An Analysis Of Their Attributes Essay

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Identification of target customers and an analysis of their attributes. Use the information in the Aboriginal Action Plan and the Aboriginal Tourism in NSW Fact sheet to assist you in documenting attributes. Australian department of tourism did a research in which they have found that many people are coming to experience Australian culture. People who want experience they always look for new and exciting place for experience. According to our unique researches we have found that people from several culture are keen to experience Australian aboriginal culture during their visit and want to spend holidays at experienced area, people who want to gain new experience they never mind even if they have to travel longer distance or any other living person want to stop them, they do not even care much about the cost of travelling, they always want to have more and more information about their future travelling plans, they always travel in group of 20 to 30 people, they are not of any particular age or religion or region , they can be anyone from outside or from other states,. They always keep of records where they have travelled and photos of that trip, so Australian tourism plays an important role in contribution to Australian economy. Typically Experience Seekers are more likely to be: • Keen to experience new places • They love to give opinions • Their way of thinking is wide • They are media or internet savvy • Other features of Experience Seekers are: • They love to travel

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