Identification Of Team Members : The Team Responsible For Successful Implementation And Adoption Of An Information Management System

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A1a. Identification of Team Members The team responsible for the successful implementation and adoption of an information management system has to be very experienced in the area that they will be representing. It is important for each team member to be able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of patient care. The team members will be made up of a Project Manager, an Implementation Manager, a Physician champion, a Nurse Champion, a representative from pharmacy, quality, the legal department and the finance department.
A1b. Team Members Roles The roles of each team member are crucial to ensure that the implementation of the new information management system is successful. The role of the project Manager will be to anticipate how the change will occur within the organization and he or she will work closely with all departments of the hospital to ensure that the implementation of this new system is carried out effectively. The project Manager will keep all the departments informed regarding the progress of the system, and will ensure that all teams work together and that the project stays in track in terms of timeframes as well as budget. The role of the Project Manager will also be to notify the organizational leaders of any challenges that presents as they work on the new system so that the organizational leaders can help with the challenges that arise. The Implementation Manager and the Project manger work closely together to coordinate how the new information
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