Identification and Description of Singapore Airline's Processes

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Identification and Description of SIA's Processes
The major processes of Singapore International Airlines consist of cabin service, flight operations, commercial marketing, information technology, engineering, security, and airport services and training. Excellent cabin service includes greeting passengers upon entering the cabin and directing them to their seats, providing them with information about the services and treating them with hospitality and courtesy. Flight operations determine that the flights are well coordinated and are punctual as well as safe. Commercial marketing ensures that SIA can compete effectively within the market in the face of competition from rivals like Thai Airways, Malaysian Airlines and All Nippon Airlines. Engineering quality ensures the airworthiness and safety of the aircraft through regular maintenance and repair. Airport services include passenger and cargo handling along with necessary hospitality for first-class passengers. Training processes ensure that the company is adequately staffed with competent and motivated employees.
Distinguishing Features of SIA
The processes that have distinguished SIA from its rivals have been its extremely high service levels. SIA has built a competitive edge based on its orientation as a service organization rather than as an airlines company only. In terms of cabin seating, in-flight food and entertainment, hospitality and connectivity, SIA has relied on being a leader in

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