Essay on Identification and Matrix Analysis of an Organization

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Introduction “Cargill is an international marketer, processor and distributor of agricultural, food, financial and industrial products and services.” (Kneen, 2002, p. 1) Cargill is one of the leading global companies today in the food and agricultural industries (MarketWatch, 2010). Cargill was established in 1865 and has since grown to employe 142,000 employees in 67 countries and is currently the largest privately held company in the US (Cargill: Our History, 2014). Because Cargill is such a massive company this paper will focus of the food ingredients systems platform better known as FIS (pronounced fizz) within the company. According to Armstrong (2012), a SWOT analysis is one of the most analytical used tools. He explains that this…show more content…
4. Strong R&D department. Cargill had a very strong research and development department. A shining example of the fruits that have emerged from Cargill’s R&D is Truvia. Truvia was the world's first available “no-calorie sugar substitute” that had origins from a plant (Paynter, 2011). Cargill is the company that first came out with this product made from the stevia plant. The company employes 1,3000 R&D professionals that includes chemists, microbiologists to nutritionists (Cargill: R&D People, 2014). 5. Privately held company. Cargill, being a privately held company only answers to the family shareholders who own it. In a public company there are typically hundreds of shareholders all whom get to vote, Cargill only has the family members and ESOP shares to contend with. Having a long-term vision is also much easier when a company is privately held. 6.Customized solutions. Cargill offers customized solutions to its’ customers. Because there is such a high focus on R&D Cargill is able to develop “differentiated and customized products” for customers. By offering these solutions Cargill have a competitive advantage which can be seen through customer loyalty and satisfaction (SWOT Analysis, 2007). 7. Supply chain efficiency. Cargill’s supply chain shows a highly efficient performance. There are few other companies in the world
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