Identification of Ethical and Legal Dilemmas

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ETHICAL DILEMMA In the current scenario, my client has been experiencing severe depression and suicidal tendencies. Through diagnosis, I have come to learn that she had been involved in a romantic relationship with her previous counselor during the counseling period. She also claims hat she has been having suicidal feelings since the romantic relationship was terminated six months ago. She accepts responsibility for the romantic relationship. It is to be seen what ethical and legal dilemmas are apparent in this case and how they can be resolved by the application of professional and ethical standards along with relevant legal standards. Identification of Ethical and Legal Dilemmas The first ethical dilemma that is evident in this case is whether it was ethical for the client and her former therapist to engage in a romantic relationship during the course of her treatment. The ethical argument goes against the romantic relationship because the relationship of client and therapist is one where the therapist holds greater influence and power over the client. He knows the personal problems and confidential issues of the client and may use them against her to exploit her during the relationship or after it. This is addition to the risk that emotional involvement with a client may cause the impartiality and objectivity of the diagnosis and analysis of her case to suffer. Even though the client assumes responsibility or encouraging the romantic relationship, the former therapist
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