Identification of Self Essay

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Identification of Self

The “self” of every human being is a construct of numerous elements, both internal as well as external. According to Baumeister “Personal identity is a crucial interface between the private organism and society. The identity represents an important means by which the physical being takes its place in society so as to communicate and interact with other people” (191). Many things influence and shape someone’s identity and sense of self. Those of us in transition from adolescence to adulthood are especially prone to these influences. These include both social circumstances and a list of unique personal attributes. Individuals in this age group (around the age of 16 to 24) usually experience a number of
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This includes the decision of which college to go to. Should they leave home in order to do so or not. It can be a completely different experience if you attend school close to home or far away. Going farther from home causes one to adjust more to an individual life merely because of the distance between themselves and their parents or guardians. Personally, I came to Miami from Rochester , New York. Choosing to leave my home in upstate New York to go to another state was a test on my ability to make it on my own. The distance has proven to be a challenge as well as a blessing. It has allowed me to distance myself from my parents literally and figuratively. I have become my own person and have become a lot more independent. I have also believe that attending school away from home has expanded my horizons. Being in a completely different city and state, I have experienced that just small differences can be so noticeable. In addition, upon leaving home to pursue a college education, young men and women are usually handed a totally new set of responsibilities, as well as a dramatically increased amount of personal freedom. This change in societal structure includes the challenges of balancing academics, social and leisure time, finances, and a host of other personal concerns that come along with becoming an independent college student. By providing such an environment, colleges and universities offer young people an unmatched
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