Identification of a Relevant Public Health Issue

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Public Health Problem Identification of a Relevant Public Health Issue Over the last several years, hospitals have been dealing with an increase in the total number of patients. This is because a larger percentage of people are living longer and there is more demand for these services. As greater amounts of the population is reaching the age of 65 and beyond (i.e. the Baby Boomers). This is placing strains on existing facilities to meet the needs of patients. The results are that health care providers and professionals are becoming overworked. This is leading to reduced response times. (Giganete, 2010) (Dowd, 2012) Evidence of this can be seen in a study that was conducted by the USA Today. They found that 1 thousand people will die every single day from slow response times. This is because health care professionals are overwhelmed with other patients and other issues. When they do receive a call for assistance, every single minute that is lost, increases the chances that the patient will suffer complications by at least 20%. If the individual is five minutes to late, this could result in some kind fatality from the delayed response. (Davis, 2008) Moreover, Wilde (2009) determined that response times are the most critical factor which decides if a patient will have complications. Evidence of this can be seen in the below table which is showing the average time it takes for responding to a variety of situations at 1 thousand hospitals around the country. (Wilde,
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