Identify A Need Or Opportunity For Program Development

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Identify a need or opportunity for program development or a new area in which to practice:
There is a need to decrease obesity and promote healthy snacking on the go. Missouri ranks 10th among states for the highest in obesity and about 32.4 percent of adults that live in Missouri are obese. When one is overweight, they increase their risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, cancer, arthritis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and mental health concerns. Obesity is one of the largest drivers of preventable chronic diseases and health care costs in the United States. According to The State of Obesity, currently, it is about $147 billion to nearly $210 billion per year in
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Develop a program or idea in response to found need:
We developed Fine Fit Vending Machines, which is centered in the Hillsboro, Missouri area, but dispersed statewide at local hospitals, schools, YMCAs, gyms, retailers, hotels, or corporate office locations. It is a business that incorporates healthy options into an easy on the go healthy snack to decrease obesity. We realize that most Americans are not just going to get rid of quick, unhealthy, pleasant food. So we are determined to make sure our healthy products measure up to our competitors, by having products that are quick and enjoyable, to increase the likelihood of people/businesses investing into our business.

Needs assessment:

Population this program would serve:
Fine Fit Vending Machines serves all ages.

Physical, social, cultural or economic factors:
Physical- Our corporate office is in Hillsboro, MO where 90% of the town is an urban setting and the other 10% is a rural setting. Our vending machines will be placed throughout the state of Missouri and will be in both rural and urban areas of the state.
Social- The vending machines will bring social interaction to each individual, especially to those who are alike in their eating habits.
Cultural- Our vending machines will be placed in those areas that are highly active. The machines will also be placed in those areas of less active lifestyles; therefore we will be able to bring more awareness to healthy and active
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