Identify An Advertising Opportunity For A Client Of Your Own Choosing

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KAP 402: Copywriting & Art Direction

Assessment 2

Thi Thu Ha Nguyen- N9059393

26 October 2014

Identify an advertising opportunity for a client of your own choosing. Develop a Creative Brief to deliver a minimum of three executions as part of an integrated creative campaign. You will need to provide a Creative Strategy for the campaign and a Creative Rationale for each of the executions developed

Creative Brief
1. Background
The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the latest product of the Galaxy Note range. The beautiful curved edge expands user’s own creative space. The borderless aesthetics from the expanded surface gives a fluidic and infinite experience to users.
2. Target market
Samsung Galaxy Edge targets business people from 30 to 45 years old, as known as Gen X in Australia. Most of them are men in middle and high social class. According to research, Gen X also has critical judgement, knowledge, and wariness. They have a willingness to spend, particularly if a purchase is useful for them in the future. In addition, gen X is the fastest-growing group of consumers who is willing to spend full price for luxury products. This is a group that is savvy to all things marketing-related, and they highly appreciate messages without spin and thinly concealed motives. Speaking directly to Xers is an opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships.
3. Objectives
40% of target audience looks for information about The Note Edge in store, online, etc.
4. Insight
The Note Edge

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