Identify And Discuss The Ethical Issues For The Attorney Employer Do In This Situation?

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Scenario 3 A sole practitioner, Charles, who specializes in real estate and business law employs a receptionist/errand person and one long-term paralegal named Jane. He subsequently hires a very good-looking paralegal, Susan, who had worked for a colleague for several years. His colleague was retiring and asked if the sole practitioner was in need of an excellent real estate paralegal. Charles consulted Jane about hiring Susan and Jane agreed that they were on friendly terms in the legal community and that Susan would be a great addition to the firm. Several months after Susan was hired, one of Charles main clients who accounts for 60% of Charles real estate work and overall revenues asks Susan to meet him for lunch which she does. Over the course of time, the lunch dates become more frequent and lengthy. Charles then learns that the wealthy mainstay client wants to take Susan to Paris for a week as well. Both the wealthy client and Susan were previously divorced and are currently single. 1.…show more content…
Identify and discuss the ethical issues for the attorney and paralegals above. What would you recommend Charles the attorney employer do in this situation? Does Susan have any moral obligations in the above scenario? 1. This situation has the chance to become a violation of rule 4-8.4 “Misconduct.” Even though it is not a clearly sexual relationship, it seems like Susan and the client are becoming romantically involved. I would recommend that Attorney Charles let Susan go because it would be unfair to give her an ultimatum of choosing between her job and her potential relationship with the client and it honestly seems like things have already went a little too far. 2. Susan’s ethical obligation is the same as an attorney’s because just as attorneys should not get involved with their clients, the same goes for
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