Identify And Explain The Factors That Affect Child Rearing

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Overall, there are many factors that affect child rearing. The three arguments discussed in the paper are social support, traumatic events and poverty. From social support, it is demonstrated that environment, family and friends have an impact on child rearing. Using social disorganization theory, it can be concluded that environment in fact does have an effect on adolescents and their chances of being involved in youth crime. Also, using the role model hypothesis children are more influenced by their siblings. Next, using strain theory, traumatic events are explained on how each person takes strain differently. Most adolescents that experience a traumatic event tend to participate in crime to deal with the stress. Traumatic events can occur in an environment, between families or friends, all three can cause a psychological impact.…show more content…
Applying subculture theory and differential association theory, it can be argued that poverty has a negative effect on the upbringing of a child. Consequently, leading the child into a life of crime because of the disadvantages they have. To conclude, methods of child rearing does have a connection to youth crime. The ways a child is brought up and taught certain values will contribute to their actions in the future. However, this does not apply to all cases. Some intervention tactics that can be used to help control this situation are, family therapy there is also preventive interventions where high-risk mothers learn child-rearing methods for their first born to decrease delinquent behavior in the future. These two interventions can be very useful for the parents and children. However, there should be more variety and programs for this risk
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