Identify And Identify Potential Marketing Opportunities Essay

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Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

Part 1: Research and identify possible marketing opportunities:
The Oliving company is most popular fashion company in the world. It situated in the America and represents the style and quality since 1977. It is founded in Ramsi Jaki by Frank and Susie works on a basis of creativity and responsibility. The company has the effortless style authenticity and easy going living is the heart of the brand. There are more than 500 employees work in the company always using the high quality and natural material and responsible production. Its product is best casual fashion brand with an outstanding price value proposition. Not only that they are using the high quality of fabric and shapes colors for the garment. The company word is “we want to make you feel good to look good”.

Review of Oliving Company’s Marketing Plan:
The primary target customer of Olving company will be the American fashion girls and boys located in the New York. As we know our primary sales are from the highest percentage of our customers’ base. According to our secondary target customers are the Olekma community as they continue to grow to the south part of the America and we are expecting to they are the very fashionable and wearing the unique of cloth in the whole life.
Our best target service will be to provide the high quality of product service to them as there are finding fashionable and unique clothes to wear. On the other hand our market

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