Identify Four Products You Purchase Essay

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Question 1: Identify four products you purchase in any given week. How global is the “reach” of the companies who manufacture those products? Identify if they are manufactured abroad, etc. Do proceeds from the companies’ sales benefit the global population? If so, how? Answer: A few items my family has purchased are Keebler Zesta® oyster crackers, Snapple® Half n’ Half Lemonade/Tea, shrimp, and Starbucks coffee. Keebler manufactures their Zesta® oyster crackers in Battle Creek, MI. Keebler is a part of the Kellogg Company. Kellogg Company does have a global reach. A part of their sustainability commitment is responsible sourcing. “By responsibly source we mean supporting continuous improvement in environmental and social indicators through a combination of certification, direct investment in programs on the ground, and/or documented continuous improvement in the places where these ingredients are grown” (Kellogg Company, 2014). Additionally, they “are committed to working with our direct, global palm oil suppliers to source fully traceable palm oil to known and certified sources that are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable, in order to protect forests and peat lands as well as community and human rights” (Kellogg Company, 2014). St. Louis, Missouri is where Snapple® Half n’ Half Lemonade/Tea is manufactured. They manufacture and distribute to United States (U.S.), Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. They support local and

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