Identify The Different Types Of Radiation In Humans

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There are three different types of radiation, alpha radiation, beta radiation and gamma radiation all which can, in general terms can benefit human by usage in medical procedures to detect errors in the human body. However these radiation can also be the cause of defects and errors in the human anatomy.
Alpha particles
- Alpha particles are helium nuclei that contains two protons and two neutrons. Alpha particles are positively charged. They can’t travel easily through thin materials and can be deflected by a sheet of paper. They show a small threat of hazard to the external bod and can cause serious damage if breathed in. The symbol for alpha radiation is “α”
Beta Particles
- Beta particles are all of the same size and depth as the electrons. Beta particle can have negative or positive electric charge and can travel at speeds as high as 99 % of the speed of light. Beta radiation can force through human skin and damage the tissue, but it can’t penetrate thin layers of plastic wood or aluminium. The symbol for Beta radiation is “β”
Gamma rays
- Gamma rays are not particles but are bursts of energy released after alpha or Beta particles are emitted. Gamma rays travel at the speed of light and
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Radiation can cause a great deal of damage to living cells and the DNA inside a nucleus, and if the DNA becomes greatly damaged, that is when it becomes cancerous. Exposure to high amounts of radiation can significantly increase the risk of developing cancer. Alpha, beta and gamma radiation are the 3 different forms of radiation, and all are dangerous to humans and the environment. Although Alpha radiation cannot penetrate the skin, if a particle emitting alpha radiation is inhaled or eaten, it can do significant damage to the cells in internal organs. Beta and gamma radiation have strong enough wavelengths to penetrate the skin and damage cells inside the
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