Identify Two Reports on Serious Failures to Protect Individuals from Abuse

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UNIT 205 STACEY-LEIGH COTSFORD RESEARCH AND ACCOUNT TASK B IDENTIFY TWO REPORTS ON SERIOUS FAILURES TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS FROM ABUSE. Abuse can happen anywhere anytime, but especially to vulnerable people, ie Children, elderly people, people with disabilities, people with learning difficulties. It can even happen in places people should be safe, ie hospitals, residential/ nursing homes, schools, daycare/ nurseries, centres etc. I researched two cases reported for abuse. The Winterbourne case which was nationally reported, and a local abuse case of Orme house in Lowestoft. The Winterbourne case was more physical and emotional…show more content…
Poor health and safety, and health and hygiene conditions were due to untrained/poorly trained staff and working under staffed. Residents were taken to other residential homes in the area and Orme house was closed down. In both cases there does not appear to have been a governing staff body taking a stand and putting a stop to these behaviours, and no-one reported anything to the governing body CQC (care quality commision) or social services until sygnificant harm had already come to the residents of both these care homes. If these homes had a governing member of staff to ensure all care standards are met, where was their accountability. CQC are the governing body for all health and social care settings, they set out care standards and legislations and requirements that are to be met in each setting. These requirements and standards are normally brought into place by using company policies and procedures, to protect all parties they may vary slightly, but all have to comply with the standards set out in legislations. There are a number of agencies that work together to ensure staff are vetted. The government commisioned the bichard inquiry (2002) and it looked at the way recruitment was carried out, the inquiry led to the safegaurding vulnerable groups act 2006 and the vetting and barring schemes. Which are run by the
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