Identify Underlying Causes And Theories Of The Field Of Medical Research

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Identify Underlying Causes and Theories
In our previous discussion, we determined the specific area of research, which was how the field of computer science is invaluable to the field of medical research. The result of this came from analyzing three research papers that focused on the past and recent use of computer science within the conjunction of the life science field. It showed that with new technology rapidly growing, computer science has not only become extremely important to the medical science field, it has become an extremely vital part of the life science field. Now that we have accomplished this, to adequately concentrate on this we will continue our research by further conducting a review of more literature on the underlying
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Many of these new methods and approaches need “computing technologies…such as: (i) high-performance architectures and Systems… (ii) distributed computing… (iii) computational simulation…(iv) algorithms (theoretical and experimental aspects); (v) applied bioinformatics (analysis pipelines, tools, applications); (vi) artificial and computational intelligence (machine learning, agents, evolutionary techniques, bio-inspired methods)” (Beretta, Cannataro & Dondi, 2015). Each one of the next three research studies that we will be analyzing relates to our current research study, due to the facts they all are a part of the actors use, depend on computer science to continue to increase the quality of life. The performers in the life science field consist of “clinicians, biologists, biomedical engineers, bioinformaticians and many other interested in life-science related topics, and of course patients and (more in general) citizens” (Veltri, 2015, p. 29). Each one of the three new research studies on conceptual and theoretical knowledge article are influenced by Beretta, Cannataro & Dondi, (2015) analyze we did on the research article“8th Workshop on Biomedical and Bioinformatics Challenges for Computer Science” (p.680).
Theoretical Concepts and Methods

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