Identify and Analyse the Main Hr Issues at the West Bank Call Centre and Provide Recommendations to Resolve Them.

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Identify and Analyse the main HR issues at the West Bank call centre and provide recommendations to resolve them. 12/17/2012 Phil | Contents Executive Summary 2 Key Problems 2 Role of HR 3 Employee Resourcing 3 Issues and Recommendations 3 Managerial 3 Operation of multi-skilling and phone time 6 Learning and Development 7 Reward Management 8 Employee Relations 8 Bibliography 11 Executive Summary In terms of Human Resources, the call centre industry is one of the most difficult to manage, this was made more apparent when analysing the case study which describes call centres as “modern day versions of the 19th Century sweatshops”. In general turnover is one of the biggest problems call centres face and this…show more content…
Westbank utilises a system where the central bank employs permanent staff, whilst outside agencies employ temporary staff. When comparing the jobs of workers found at the call centre to those at the central bank it is clear they are different, so permitting an interviewer who may have no previous background in a call centre to hire new applicants has resulted in the uninspired, inefficient workforce we see at the call centre. Recommendation: Beardwell and Holden suggest: “essential to a good HRM practice is recruitment and selection, which must consider correct “fit” between personnel and job in order to maximise efficiency in terms of retention and HRM strategic planning”, stressing that a poor recruitment process will filter down into all aspects of the organisation. When necessary changes are required to implement a new system within the organisation, appropriate candidates must be selected (Beardwell, I. & Holden, L. 1994:225). A more rigorous yet simple screening interviewing system must be carried out by the managerial side of the call centre itself. When recruiting, all activities should be geared towards locating suitable candidates (Foot and Hook 2005 p.63). Online recruitment is a cheap and efficient method by which candidates can be filtered through. Once a CV has been uploaded, CV-matching software places the candidate in a shortlist if appropriate (HRM D.Torr, p.168). Those whose CV’S made the cut will be put through to a
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