Identify and Evaluate Key Personal and Professional Managerial/Leadership Skills Including Time Management, Running Meetings, Making Presentations and Stress Management. Explore Methods to Improve These Skills in Order

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A strategy is method by which a company is run in order to generate revenue. Whilst investigating strategies by which companies run, Samsung Electronics Company (SEC) can be considered for a case study due to its remarkable market share, brand reputation and global positioning. Samsung Electronics Company (SEC), founded in 1969 as a member of the Samsung Group, is the largest manufacturer in Korea, with a sales turnover of $23.9 billion in 1997, and accounting for 32.8 percent of the total output of the electronics industry. In investment, product development, marketing, and technology development, SEC has played the leading role in expanding the frontier of Korea 's electronics industry. The case study can be enlightening to many
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likelihood: o discuss each issue as to whether it is important or not, and whether it is certain to happen or may happen – split ideas if parts of an idea fall into different boxes o be aware that those trends that are certain to happen will form the basis of any scenario; those that may happen will group into different scenarios o discard those trends that are considered unimportant ,/p> 5. Work up 8-9 mini scenarios (aspects of the larger alternative scenarios to follow): o identify 6-10 “key drivers” – the major themes that underpin all the trends o get each member of the team (or sub-teams) to write up one mini scenario based on one of the 6-10 key drivers 6. Identify 3 major scenarios: o the mostly likely scenario o the scenario that offers the greatest opportunity o the scenario that offers the greatest threat 7. Work on each major scenario: o elaborate each scenario by defining the major issues o test each scenario by suggesting the sorts of events that would have to happen for the scenario to be realised o write up each scenario o critique each scenario with a wider audience 8. Identify issues arising from each major scenario: o what implications does each scenario have for the business?
Stage 3: long term marketing plan 1. Summarise the scenarios 2. Identify turning
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