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Kentucky Fried Chicken


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KFC (formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a trademark franchise of Yum! Brands, Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, United States .Founded by Col. Harland Sanders, KFC is known mainly for his fried chicken, which is usually served in a bucket.
Col. Sanders began selling fried chicken at his gas station in the year 1939 in Corbin, Kentucky which subsequently moved to a motel. He closed his business in the late 1940s when the Interstate highway through town. In
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KFC share price increased 13% for the full year, on top of 20% in 2011. Looking back, they are extremely proud that their five year average annual shareholder return, including stock appreciation and dividend reinvestment, is 14% versus the S&P 500 average of 2%.
The track record of consistency which they believe is a result of getting better and better at executing the same growth strategies they identified over a decade ago. So as tempting as it might be to unveil some new revolutionary thinking that will drive company’s growth.
KFC is a fast food restaurant chain, which specializes in fried chicken. It is the world 's largest fried chicken chain with over 17,000 outlets in 105 countries and territories as of December 2011.

Name | Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) | Industries served | Restaurants | Geographic areas served | Worldwide | Headquarters | U.S. | Current CEO | Roger Eaton | Revenue | $9.5 Billion(2012) | Profit | N/A | Employees | N/A | Parent | YUM! Brands | Main Competitors | McDonald’s Corporation, Burger King Worldwide Inc., Subway, Wendy’s Company. |

KFC’s Range of Products

KFC sells its products in different deals for example KFC’s Signature Taste, KFC’s Streetwise Menu, Meals for Family etc. Its main products which it sells under the mentioned deals are all the fast food snacks which include Burgers, Rolls, Roasted Chicken pieces and Fries.

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