.Identify the Regulations Concerning Venipuncture, Drug Administration, and Iv Medication and How These Standards in Your Field.

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1.Identify the regulations concerning venipuncture, drug administration, and IV medication and how these standards in your field. The five rights (5 Rs) need to be followed when administering any medications: right patient, right medication, right dose, right time and the right route. Venipuncture procedure for the purpose of establishing peripheral venous access and for obtaining blood sample for laboratory tests follow the standards of practice framework. It is mandatory that health care professionals have and sustain in good status, all licenses, permits, and certificates required by law as well as follow the standards of practice imposed. 2.Explain the repercussions that could arise from violating these standards. Violating these…show more content…
This consent has to be signed by the patient , the guardian or patient 's power of attorney . Severe reactions to the procedure leading to cardiopulmonary arrest / death are beyond the health care team 's capacity . As long as there were no mistakes when the procedure was done there will be no repercussions . Emergency apparatus and pharmaceuticals are available for any emergencies that may arise during the after the procedure 5.Explain the organization of the information supplied in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR). PDR provides information regarding prescription medications over-the-counter medications , herbal medications , health conditions types of surgeries and even treatment options for a number of health issues . They also provide drug to drug interactions when one is taking a number of medications for different health problems 6.What are the benefits of physicians using PDAs in ordering prescriptions for their patients? Physicians will gain advantage when using PDRs as it will provide and supply them with the latest medication / drug products available , concise drug information and multi-drug interaction checker . Daily news updates are also available thru these PDRs 7.Compare the ratings of addictive drugs on the controlled drug standard. Give an example of each category. Examples of addictive drugs are nicotine , heroines and cocaine Controlled drugs are medications taken illegally when not being prescribed by

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