Identify the Resources, Capabilities and Distinctive Competencies of Starbucks

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Mohamed Kaba 15/01/2013

A crisis could be defined as anything that knows a decline during a long or short period. In here we are meaning a decrease in the economic and financial activity of a country. An economic crisis could be first caused by subprime banking. For example, in authors view, the financial crisis (2008) was primarily driven by two factors. First, investor‘s and financial institutions generally did not expect that real estate
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It appears that some groups of workers more deeply than others are affected by the crisis(The European Union Labor Force Survey (EU LFS).For example, although men still have higher employment rates than women, former have been more affected by the downturn than the latter, reflecting that many of the sectors hit hardest by the crisis are predominantly male oriented in terms of employment (Spidla,2009).We could suggest here not just because the secondary sector(industry) is more affected by the unemployment, which mostly use male employees rather than female, than the tertiary sector (services) where female employees are mostly fund but also because these former are more looking for part time jobs than man(Which is easier to get specifically crisis times). There has also been a continued strong rise in unemployment among young people. This fact could be justified by their inexperience and their lack in qualifications. Although, we can then imagine that mostly via a significant unemployment rate the crisis in EU has affected businesses’ human capital so their productivity and according to that their benefits so on a wider point of view countries economic growth, in a number of European countries, job losses have been rather restrained to date, largely due to recourse to increased internal flexibility in

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