Identifying A Cluster Of Media Communication

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Examining a cluster of media communication in order to review common and unique approaches that the marketing industry utilizes was not something that crossed my mind to ever do. The task was not as easy as I expected when explained in class; but, it was interesting and seeing as though I have learned over the years through my other classes that the average American spends somewhere near 8 hours of their day watching television, the marketing industry has a big advantage using commercials to attract their viewers and manipulate them into purchasing and using or consuming the product they are delivering to them through the television screen. For this assignment, I tuned into TBS where an episode of Friends was finishing up and an episode…show more content…
Of all the commercials I saw, they were all geared towards young adults and older. From Ink-Joy pen commercials to a commercial with Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and Reds Ale in between, these commercials seem to be heavily concentrated on adults, the activities they take part in, and the resources they will need for future endeavors. I was unable to document a significant difference in the types of commercials shown during these programs in order to have much of a comparison, but there was enough alike about them to dissect them and really figure out the methods which broadcasting companies use in order to attract their buyers and consumers. For every television channel I have ever watched throughout my life the commercials have always been significantly louder than the actual show I am viewing; not just for these two channels, but I did notice it more when actually having to pay attention. Why does this annoying thing constantly happen every channel I choose to watch? The answer to this question: marketing purposes. It is in the companies best interest on becoming successful with the product they are attempting to sell by turning the volume up on their commercials louder than the actual television show because it attracts the viewers and manipulates them in to paying attention to them. People are not watching television shows to see the commercials; maybe some people on
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