Identifying Areas That Expose Hospitals Essay

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Identifying areas that expose hospitals to WSPEs are critical for managing risks. Key recommendations for safety improvement include mandatory reporting of near misses, improving safety education, improving time-out effectiveness, addressing the unique needs of LEP patients, and monitoring time-out effectiveness and compliance. Mandatory Reporting of Near Misses. Reporting near misses is fundamental to error prevention. Near misses reflect potential failures in current processes, which proves invaluable for proactively reducing errors. According to Neily et al. (2011, p. xx), the prevalence of medical errors decrease when the rate of reporting near miss events increase. Share lessons learned from patient safety events with all staff to provide ongoing continuous learning and training. Wolf & Hughes (2008, p. 601) suggest near misses occur 300 times more often than actual adverse events. Therefore, tracking and analyzing near misses will reveal system vulnerabilities, determine frequency of error types, and predict the likelihood of a future error. Education. Haugen et al. (2013, p. xx) claim a poor safety culture will undermine the effectiveness of interventions like checklists. Knowledge changes perceptions and can assist with shifting safety behaviors in a positive direction. Education is paramount to creating a safety driven culture and an important tool for preventing never events. To prevent another wrong patient surgery, education should focus on the
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