Identifying Branding And Rebranding : Overview

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Assessing Branding and Rebranding

Kalyn Barnoski
Graphic Communication II
Teresa Valero
May 4, 2015
What is a Brand
When people are asked, “what is a brand?,” Many things come to mind. They think brand is equivalent to a logo. Once upon a time, brands were simply a mark to tell the difference between ‘yours from mine’, but since the olden days of branding cattle and differentiating belongings, things have changed quite a bit.

“In reality, a brand is like an iceberg. The tip is the most obvious and visible part – the logo – but most of the iceberg is actually under the surface; the strategy, service offering, culture, experience and other aspects which all contribute to the overall brand.” –Millward Brown, The Disappearing Iceberg.
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The brand is the service that is offered
It is not just about the product or company, itself, that one must have the capacity to offer the consumers it is targeting, but it is also about how you offer it. The experience and interaction of the consumer is something of vital importance in taking the brand that one is trying to create a surrounding idea and experience for, from a place that singularly is around to sells things, to something much, much more than that: an engaging partnership between company or product and consumer, a life changing, passion igniting icon amongst the crowd. The brand is the people who you integrate into your company
Your employees are the most important people to your brand. If they are not on your side or not a huge influence on the character of the company, the brand experience that the company or product is trying to creat falls flat. It is the job of your leadership to inspire your employees to live the brand in everything that they do.

A good, nay, great example of a brand that no only has influential design, but arguably has also one of the most successful employee versus brand relationship, along with a very strong employee morale within the company is none other than IBM.

IBM, according to their company website:
“He didn’t talk about product lines or strategy. Instead,
Watson (Thomas Watson Sr., Founder) preached unity of purpose. ‘We want you all to get together and everybody have their shoulder
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