Identifying Characterization in Film through Research

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Julie Bogart describes characterization as being a shared entity between books and Movies. Julie also affirmed that visual element and the surrounding of the setting are also a part of the character’s identity. The weakness in Julie’s theory of characterization is less than the strengths where she describes the natural degrees of depiction in a movie setting. In Julie’s tutorial Characterization in Books and Movies, she indicates that characterization is the obvious viewpoint of the film. The perception of the movie depends upon illustrative props such as historical elements, like pictures and furnisher which translate to be a mise-en-scène technique. To clarify the understanding of Julie’s concept of characterization, it is acknowledged that in order to create a character the writer will need to know the character in order to represent the character. Elements such as costumes, make-up, and hair style provide the character with a physical identity, where the historical setting depicts the background and reflects the generation and/or era, thus giving the characters a social personality. Julie Bogart associates characterization with the plot in the movies, where an individual can be his or her own rival. The storyline reflects more of the personality of the character, linking this to the outcome of the movie. In conclusion, it had been established that Julie Bogart’s theory of characterization holds more stability than debility. Pat Kirkham made reference to a movie

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