Identifying Emerging Issues in Higher Education

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Running Head: Identifying an Emerging Issue in Higher Education Identifying an Emerging Issue in Higher Education Identifying an Emerging Issue in Higher Education Since time immemorial, education has been undoubtedly and certainly the most significant component of development for not only the individual that help them in achieving their status and prosperity but also for the entire country's economic growth and equity. Besides, higher education is a necessity that can lead the nation towards success, growth and maturity (Gumport, 2007). This is particularly due to the reason that higher education or university level education is the phenomenon that aims to create and spread knowledge and information. In addition, education and particularly higher education provides profound understanding, knowledge and insight that lead the individual to move forward in the society by growing into positive thinkers, entrepreneurs, political leaders and intelligent workers (Gumport, 2007). The significance of education has escalated up to skyrocket from the olden times to the modern world of today. This importance and value of education has elevated its demand in every corner of the world, whether it is a developed nation or an underdeveloped state. The establishment and formation of a knowledge-based civilization does not have any alternative solution except through the higher education of a fine quality in this age of globalization and technologically innovated and competitive
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