Identifying Family Information And Family Composition

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Identifying Family Information and Family Composition
I interviewed my friend, Elena. We started out just talking and slowly got into the interview. I tried to make it feel like a conversation, however, some of the terms I had to ask to get a specific answer and example. Elena is unmarried; she is a student at Auburn University. When at home, she lives with her mother, father, older brother, and herself. She is 20 years old, never married, and is a sophomore in college. Her parents, Johnny and Susan, have been married for 28 years, and her older brother Will is 26. He is not married, and he is also a student at Auburn. They live in the same apartment here in Auburn. Both of her maternal grandparents have passed away, and her paternal grandmother is the only grandparent left. All of her cousins, aunts, and uncles are still alive. She was much more willing to talk about her parental side of her family, but I think it was due to the fact she knows more about them.
Family History Johnny and Susan, Elena’s parents, have been married for 28 years. Johnny joined the military after growing up in Arkansas. Susan completed high school, but she did not attend college. Elena’s maternal grandmother only completed high school as well. I wanted to see if there was a trend there, but she didn’t know as much about her maternal side of the family to get more details—like did her cousins attend college. Once her parents got married they moved frequently. They were posted over seas a few…

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