Identifying Mental Illnesses

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Mental illness refers to a condition, which affects the thinking, feeling, and mood of a person. Apparently, this condition affects the ability of a person to function every day and the capacity to relate to others (Tracy, 2015). Here are some diagnosis and tests that can be carried out to determine mental illness in a person:
• A psychological assessment where a mental health provider helps a patient understand the behavior patterns, feelings, thoughts, and symptoms that can cause mental illness. At this point, a patient may be asked to fill out a questionnaire to assist in answering the questions.
• Lab tests where health practitioners check out the thyroid function of a patient or screen for drugs and alcohol.
• Physical examination the health practitioner tries to rule out physical issues, which could lead to mental illness.
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Apparently, a psychiatrist is a qualified medical doctor who has extra training in the field of mental illnesses and health. The work of a psychiatrist is to assess the mental condition of a patient in coordination with their physical condition, and thus prescribe medication. Only psychiatrists have the mandate to treat and prescribe medication to people with a mental health condition. With the mental illnesses, the health professionals do not culture some microorganism and carry out a blood test to establish if a patient has a mental illness. The mental illnesses are diagnosed based on the symptoms, which a person has.
Behavioral Illness
Behavioral illnesses affect our conscious (Behavioral Health Resources, 2016). For instance, behavioral illness is caused by substance abuse, where the patient suffering from behavioral illness makes a sober, and a conscious decision to use drugs. Other examples are eating disorders like the anorexia nervosa. Behavioral treatment centers on the extent and
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