Identifying Organic Compounds Lab Report Essay

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Purpose: To use indicators to test for the presence of organic compounds in certain substances.

Hypothesis: Honey will contain sugars, egg white contains proteins, corn oil contains lipids, oats contains starches and proteins, gelatin contains sugars and proteins, potatoes contain starch, and apple juice contains lipids and sugars.

Materials: 9 test tubes Test tube rack Test tube holder Grease pencil Hot plate 20 ml honey solution 20 ml egg white and water mixture 20 ml corn oil Oats and water 20 ml gelatin and water solution 20 ml potato and water mixture 20 ml apple juice and water mixture 20 ml unknown substance #1 20 ml unknown substance #2 Paper towels 600 ml beaker Brown
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12. Record your observations then wash test tubes thoroughly.
13. To test for lipids, divide the piece of brown paper into 9 equal sections.
14. Write the name of one test substance in each section.
15. Rub a small amount of each substance onto its corresponding section.
16. Wait five minutes till dry.
17. Hold paper up to light. A translucent spot indicates the presence of lipids.


Substance Lipid Test Carbohydrate Test Protein Test
Honey - Starch - Sugar + (orange Benedict) -
Egg White - Starch - Sugar - + (violet Biuret)
Corn Oil + Starch - Sugar - -
Oats - Starch + Sugar - (black Iodine) -
Gelatin - Starch - Sugar - + (violet Biuret)
Potato - Starch + Sugar - (black Iodine) -
Apple Juice - Starch - Sugar + (orange Benedict) -
Unknown 1 - Starch - Sugar + (orange Benedict) -
Unknown 2 - Starch - Sugar - + (violet Biuret)

Analysis: In this experiment, every substance tested positive for at least 1 organic compound. Corn oil tested positive for lipids. Honey and oats tested positive for starch. Honey, apple juice, and unknown 1 tested positive for sugar. Egg white, gelatin, and unknown 2 all tested positive for proteins. So, not a single substance didn't test positive for at least 1 organic compound. All the indicators used in this experiment change color when in the presence of a compound; therefore, they chemically react with the compound. No errors were made during this experiment
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