Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

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Multiple of organizations have gone to great lengths to make sure their networks are fully functioning correctly because it is the best way to facilitate information being shared and distributed as well as keep sensitive information secured. Organizations will eventually become exposed to potential malicious attacks and threats over a period of time. One of the potential threats to any organization is internal threats, which is a disgruntled employee that knows how the organization they work for operates. They already have some sort of access to a computer system in order to cause the most damage to an organization for a specific reason by putting a virus, Trojan horse, or a worm inside the network (Microsoft, n.d.). The second potential threat to any organization could be malicious individuals, groups, or organizations that are known as structured external threats (Tech-FAQ, 2012). These attackers are highly skilled on how a network works, and already know what damages and losses they will cause an organization. The motives for many structured external threats have to do with greed, politics, terrorism, racism, and criminal bribes (Tech-FAQ, 2012). The third potential threat to any organization is an unstructured external threat, which is an attacker often known as a script kiddie because they lacks the skills to develop the threat on their own when they try to attack an organization. They would use any cracking or scripted tools on the Internet that are already made to
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