Identifying Review Polarity: This step is to determine the polarity of opinion words, and then to

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Identifying Review Polarity:
This step is to determine the polarity of opinion words, and then to identify sentence polarity. In the system, only the adjectives in product reviews are used as opinion words. 1) Extracting Opinion Words:This step can be done with many of the data mining techniques stated in the above literature survey.But use of a dictionary-based approach is the easiest one. Hence we have implemeted that here.
It is basically used to collect the positive set of words and negative set of words. Firstly , we have defined 30 common adjectives in a common seed list, of which 15 adjectives are positive i.e.they are the adjectives which we use in favour of a good thing and another 15 adjectives are negative ones. Aftre preparing
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6. User Interface:
The product ranking system is implemented in Java and conducted on an Intel Core 3 processor CPU with 4G main memory in Window 7.
We have implemented a user interface through which users
1st have to authenticate themselves so that they can use our system, as shown in Figure 9. till this stage we given only one valid usename and pass- word.that is and admin respectively.
Who knows this data can use our ranking system.shown in Figure 10.
After logging in, user can have access to profile, Upload document, show products, change password, as shown in
Figure 11, Figure 12, Figure 13, Figure 14.
1st user has to find and download html pages of the prod- ucts of which ranking is to be calculated from, by using browse button(Figure 9) in upload document tab,
User can give a path to HTML pages and click on upload.
It will show results like Figure 15. Each review will bw extracted in a good format like
1) People found this review Helpul.
2) Stars given to that review.
3) Title of product.
4) Date on which review posted.
5) Main Review text
At the end of this all review specific data the Average opinion strength of all reviews of that product, overall rat- ing, score is all displayed which is calculated at back when we click on Upload document.this step can be epeated as many times as the number of
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