Identifying The Key Issues And Physical Requirements Required By The Potential Building

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This report will examine the potential to carry out the below works and will scrutinize the key issues and physical requirements required by the potential build.
Chertsey is a historic town which had a famous abbey dating from Saxon time. The unused land recently acquired to the rear of the Step Gates School, located on the Free Prae Road, Chertsey Surrey KT16 8ET is open land that acts as a flood plain of the River Bourne and the River Thames and has recently changed from sports ground status to potential development for residential purpose, should it meet with the planning and building requirement set out before it.

The proposal is to design and build 65 No. 3 and 4 bedroom homes, consisting of a mixture of detached,
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Classified as a high-risk area with an annual probability of flooding of 1.0% or greater from rivers, and 0.5% or greater from the sea. Environment agency Flood Zone 3 - March 2009 / EA Flood Zone 3 - March 2009
The draft local flood management strategy 2012-2016 state that the local authority has the intention that by the end of 2017 a sustainable system for drainage will be in place for all potential planning of large developments in these areas. The planning framework states that local planning applications should ensure that the proposed developments on areas with an increased flood risk do not impose on their neighbour’s and therefore increase their risk of flooding ensuring safe access routes should they be required and that any remaining areas at risk of flood are well managed ensuring safety is priority and that the use of sustainable drainage is a primary requirement.
It is suggested that either a sequential test be applied to the site prior to any build work to steer the development to the areas that are at the lowest risk of flooding, alternatively by carrying out a site-specific flood risk assessment it would be demonstrated that the proposed residential development coulc

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