Identifying The Perceived Destination Image Of New Zealand

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The focus of this study was to identify the perceived destination image of New Zealand as revealed in the travel blogs by Chinese tourists who have already visited the country. The approach used here differs from the traditional types of methodology such as interviews and questionnaires, but instead this study adopted a content analysis approach. A thorough literature review was first conducted at the beginning of this study in attempt to understand what information is already established in regards to destination image and what is important to Chinese tourists when they are planning their travels and during their travels. The literature review identified a few attributes which are important to Chinese tourists when they are travelling.
Literature Review
Through the literature review an academic article written by Law and Cheung (2010) which examines how Mainland Chinese tourists perceived the destination of Hong Kong was reviewed. The research objectives in Law and Cheungs’ article was similar to the research objectives of this study therefore the content analysis methodology in Law and Cheungs’ article was adapted for this study. Law and Cheung analysed blogs written by Chinese tourists using content analysis to understand the perceive destination image of Hong Kong as revealed by Mainland Chinese bloggers. Therefore, literature on social media and blogs was also reviewed and added into the literature review. Methodology

Traditional research is guided by a
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