Identifying The Problem Of A Third Grade English Classroom At A Middle School

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Step 1: Identifying the Problem I am teaching in a sixth grade English classroom at a middle school. The middle school is located in a rural area, but it is thought to be a medium sized school in the school district with an enrollment of 403 students. This particular year the school had enough funding to begin a program called the “One to One Initiative”. With this initiative, all the students in the school received an individual laptop that enables them to submit all of their assignments online. In addition to their laptops, my students have access to technology through my classroom’s “smart board”. My classroom also has desks, a white board, an area with many classroom books that the students can check out, and many brightly colored…show more content…
I am lenient with my students and work with them in order that they can complete their assignments within the quarter, but the students do not seem to care. Lately I have seen more zeros in the grade book than I can count. Parents have contacted me asking why their child is not receiving a passing grade in my class, and I have explained the situation and offered to meet with them; in some cases, it does not appear to help. I believe if I do not solve this problem, the consequences could be drastic. The students will not pass sixth grade English, and they will not learn the required material needed for future English classes. Additionally, they will struggle with end of the year ISTEP testing and other assessments if they do not learn the material presented in my sixth grade class. I have tried giving detentions during the lunch period to provide students additional time to complete late assignments and help them realize that completing assignments is imperative in my classroom. I have also tried sending students to the principal’s office if they appear to not be completing work in class. Both of these strategies have not worked.
Step 2: The Intervention An intervention I might implement to change the situation is an incentive program. If I recognize that my students are not completing assignments on time because they do not seem to care about the consequences that could affect their grades, I may need to provide immediate rewards that foster
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