Identifying The Title Shift Leaders As Exempt Essay

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Classifying the Title Shift Leaders as Exempt Classifying the title, shift leader as exempt is more complicated than it seems. A journalist for the Chicago Tribune, Rex Huppke (2012) says, “There was a time when job titles were simple. You were either “the boss” or “not the boss.” Today times has changed, the FLSA (2010) says, some jobs are classified as exempt by definition. For instance, in this case the Jones Department store titled their employees shift leader, but fail to distinguish administrative employees from operational or production employees and called their statues exempt without corrective qualification. Consequently, the department manager assumes the same, though pattern and classifies Jane, a shift leader, exempt without prior job classification. Douglas McGregor (1960) mentions, these are the assumptions about human nature how upper, middle, and lower level management attitudes and assumptions are either effective or ineffective because some managers and leaders who make unconscious assumptions (Milakovich & Gordon, 2009). There are several reasons Amy classified Jane an exempt employee besides her job title. Jane administrative duties was coefficient with administrative job duties. For instance, “she is part of the management team,” runs the floor, make similar decisions as the manager, assigns the associates to various work areas as needed, and offers feedback to the employee’s job performance (Martocchio, 2015, p.49). Although the characteristics of

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