Identifying Voice And Sms Api Providers For Two Factor Authentication Solutions

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A guide to evaluating voice and SMS API providers for two-factor authentication solutions Introduction Today, users of online services are very familiar with the process of typing in a username and password, to securely access their accounts. Passwords however, are no longer considered very safe, as they can be easily stolen, sniffed, guessed, or obtained through methods such as phishing and malware attacks. Even strong and complicated passwords are susceptible to theft and therefore not the best line of defense against hackers. That’s why online service providers including banks, social media websites, e-commerce portals, and email providers, among others, all understand the need to protect the confidential data of their customers…show more content…
When building a two-factor authentication solution, you will need to integrate with a reliable voice API and SMS API provider, to easily manage the sending of one-time passwords using text messages or voice calls. This whitepaper will: Provide details on how two-factor authentication works. Highlight and explain the ‘must-have’ features in a robust two-factor authentication solution. Help you evaluate the right SMS and Voice API provider to partner with, by explaining the important factors that should influence your decision. How two-factor authentication works The two-step verification process in 2FA, often uses a combination of two of the following three identification factors: 1. The Knowledge Factor: This is something that only the user knows. It could be a password, a PIN, or an unlock pattern that the user must enter, before accessing an account. Using this factor of identification alone is not very secure. 2. The Possession Factor: This is something that the user has, such as a device that can receive or generate a unique one-time password (OTP) or randomized code that should be entered when prompted. The device could be a mobile phone that receives an OTP via an SMS or voice call, or it could be a physical hardware device such as a key fob that generates the code. An authenticator software could also be installed on a device - this is a specialized application that many services now support. It has

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