Identifying a Researchable Problem

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Identifying a Researchable Problem Marilynn Kirk Walden University NURS 6052N, Section 22, Essentials of Evidence-Based Practice December, 2015 Identifying a Researchable Problem: PICOT Question Researchers identify a research problem based on a topic of interest. The problem is then researched to solve it. In nursing practice research problems is the basis for evidence-based practice (EBP). “Evidence obtained from the study should have potential to contribute…show more content…
Five Questions Related to Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting When deciding what to research “you need to consider whether the problem is significant enough to produce evidence to improve nursing practice” (Polit & Beck, 2012, p89). The research questions address the problem to be studied. Questions should be compatible with the chosen paradigm and its associated methods (Polit& Beck, 2012). Research questions need to be properly worded and lend themselves to empirical inquiry (Polit& Beck, 2012). Analysis of the questions generated for PONV was based on the usefulness to nursing practice, identifying key concepts, and population. “Feasibility involves the issues of time, cooperation of participants and other people, availability of facilities and equipment, researcher experience, and ethical considerations” (Polit& Beck, 2012, p 92). Preliminary PICOT Question and Description of each Relevant Variable The problem question is: “In adult patients undergoing general anesthesia does aprepitant decrease PONV post-operatively compared to patients receiving other antiemetic therapy of a placebo?” (Milnes, 2014). The five questions that I have generated to address the problem: (1) P (patient population of interest) – What population is served in this
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