Identifying the Common Causes of Software Defects Essay

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Insightfully mapping out the technological advancements in software development from its beginnings somewhere in the late 1940’s to the current modern age. There is more than enough compelling evidence that software technology has laid a strong impact on all economic and social aspects of our modern day living. Thus, a systematic approach towards high quality software development is required due to an increasingly quality oriented market and competitive business world. With this intricate dependency on software it has become imperative for software engineers and companies alike to deploy high quality software products. This therefore entails producing software products that are defect-free. A defect can be identified as any imperfection,…show more content…
As described by Oates (2006) this is because, it is assumed, the laws and patterns in our world exist independently of any individual’s cognition –i.e. what we can learn about the world does not depend on who we are or how we have personally experienced it. We can also set aside any personal feelings and be objective and rational, to find out about how the world works .Even if our research disproves a pet theory, we can accept that, because we can rise above our personal interest and emotions and greater cause of finding out about the world. So the aim of the scientific method, and positivism, which underlies it, is to find the universal laws, patterns and regularities. Putting the above assumption in perspective and adapting William Keylor’s interpretation of positivism in relation to the subject matter where positivism is defined as a fact oriented theory .It can be said that these defects and therefore the causes of these defects exist independently of any individual’s intellect but are subject to perhaps the inherent nature of humans to err or defect mitigation and defect prevention techniques being implemented. It therefore necessitates any research on the matter to thrive in understanding the common causes of these defects during software development through scientific methods that can be quantified. Literature Review The starting point of this
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