Identifying the Needs of Customers and Planning Quality Service

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Manage Quality Customer Service Assessment Exercises Assessment Activity 1: Identifying Customer's Needs and Performing Planning The organization that I am working for is a brokerage firm who performs burning from grain trading elevator. An elevator is an organization or an individual who is responsible for buying grains directly from the growers. Speaking of that, our main domestic customers are processors, feedlots and export terminals. Whereas the international customers include soybean processors, feedlots and food processors. Out of these, the repeat customers are of prime value. Furthermore, our other important customers are our investors. Where we give considerable importance to the concerns and interest of our customers, needs of employees are also kept in consideration so that their performance helps in business objectives achievements. During the planning phase, we adopt a strategy which is keeps the interests of all these different types of customers in balance. First and foremost, we assess the needs of our investors since their capital ensures the going concern of our organization. The profit margin agreed to be paid to them has a direct influence on the prices that we will be charging from our buyers. Where this profit margin and their other needs are assessed in the primary strategic planning, it is communicated to the middle managers who are responsible for departmental performance. Keeping these standards, the targets are assigned to individual
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