Identity And Identity Change, And Acts Of Identification

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This essay looks at identity, specifically on an individual level as well as identity change, and acts of identification. Identity is difficult to define- it is not known exactly what forms out identity. But it is known that individuals have multiple identities, that come into practice depending on the context of where they are, and who they are with. A person has not only one self, but several selves that correspond to widening circles of group memberships. Different social context may trigger an individual to think, feel, and act on basis of their personal, family or national level of self, in addition to this a person also has multiple-social identies (self-concept derived from perceived memberships of social groups). Personal identity refers to self-knowledge derived from individual’s unique attributes. In addition, identity provides a link between individuals and the world they live in. It combines how they see their selves and how others see them, Identity involves the internal, the subjective, and the external, it is a socially recognised position, that is recognised by others not just the individual. It is for these reasons that social scientists find identity both individual and collective of interest. Acts of identification occur as a result of identity changes, which allow the individual to see themselves in another’s place, or to imagine themselves into a new identity. Identity change can mean different things on varying levels dependent on the ‘pace of change’,
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