Identity And Identity In Othello

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Everyone in the world is born with a blank slate, not knowing anything about the world, or about yourself. How can the act of one person effect their entire culture as a whole, where suddenly a terrorists who is Muslim turns all Muslims into terrorists. Ayad Akhtar’s play Disgraced is communicating race, through major differences between self-identity and social identity. This is shown in the character Amir who is a South Asian Muslin, but over the years parted ways and became critical of Islam. He hides behind a Hindu name and identity to avoid the attention from his Muslim-ness but still manages to hold onto a piece of his self-identity through his nephew, Abe. Similarly in the play Othello by William Shakespeare, there is a strong difference between how Othello view’s his self-identity and how society creates their own social identity and views Othello as a Black Moor. Amir and Othello have a similar self-identity that overlook the social identity they receive through society. Amir along with other muslims are living with the fear of being missed portrayed for a person who looks like him, for the actions they wouldn't dare to think of. Muslims today are in fear of not living another day because they may be accused of other individuals actions. In the play Amir mentions “The next terrorist attack is probably gonna come from some guy who more or less looks like me. (Akhtar, 1185). By saying this Amir is cautious because he might be the one to blame for the next terrorist
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