Identity And My Cultural Identity

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My cultural identity is made up of lots of things, but there are some main things that make me, me. The things that have made me who I am today has changed me and will still change me in the future. There are physical things about me that has made me what I look like and also things that I feel or think and beliefs that make me who I am.
My family, they play this huge role in my life they are literally in my life everyday and even though I don't see all of them everyday they all pop into my head and I remember what they have taught me. I am the youngest out of my three siblings and so being the youngest you get picked on alot and you get into fights, those fights and arguments have taught me a lot and at that moment I would never see it as a lesson, but overall it has taught me how to stick up for myself because not everyone is going to be nice and they taught me that I have a voice and it’s okay to be different. My mom and dad they have disciplined me to show me that I can’t do whatever I want. It’s just my parents and I in our small little apartment because my sister went to college and my oldest brother moved out to live on his own and my other brother went into the army. Even if I can’t see all of them everyday like I do my parents, they are still a part of me and my parents, they have focused on me and we have gotten closer especially after what has happened.
The thing that has happened is about my physical and emotional appearance it’s different than everyone else
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