Identity And Personal Identity

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Personal identity is defined as the concept that you develop about yourself that can evolve over the course of your life. Many factors can affect your personal identity, such as life experiences and social groups in a person’s lifetime. As an adolescent it is a time to try and find your true identity. It can be especially hard for adolescents growing up to try and find their identity and figure out who they are supposed to become. In the books The Color of Water, The Secret Life of Bees and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main characters struggle with trying to find their true identity. In all three books the main characters Lily, James, and Huck must overcome an emotional obstacle in their life in order to find their true…show more content…
He was confused as to who he was supposed to be. He failed out of school and started hanging with the wrong crowd trying to find his place. Not knowing who he was supposed to be caused him much confusion. He got mad at his mother for being white and could not understand why she was so different from everyone else in his neighborhood growing up. It is not until James grew older he started to understand his true identity. He started searching for his mother’s childhood places and asked his mother to tell him her life story. This is when James started to realize his true identity. He realizes that he had to first learn from his mother’s past before he could learn about himself. He had to overcome his emotional obstacle, which was realizing why his mother was the way she was, so that he could unlock his true identity. Once he let go of his black and white sides and anger towards his mother for being white but choosing to live in a black neighborhood he realized that he belonged to a very special group which was being mixed race.
In Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, the main character Lily also struggled with her identity. In the beginning of the story she was confused about her mother’s death. Her abusive father T. Ray did not help her in trying to find her identity. “The truth is your mother ran off and left you” (Kidd 39).This quote was a huge turning point in the story. Upon hearing this, Lily ran away from T. Ray and her life back home so that she could
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