Identity And The Concept Of Self

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Through these past units I have learned several things about identity and the concept of self. Self concept is the intellectual and theoretical awareness and constant regard that conscious beings hold with regard to their own self. Elements of a persons self concept include but are not limited physical, psychological, and social attributes and can be affected by its attitudes, habits, beliefs and ideas. These factors can each be condensed to the common ideas of self esteem as well as self image. Many of the achievements and failures that people encounter in several areas of life are similarly related to the ways that they have learned to look at themselves and their interactions with others. “Different social contexts may trigger an individual to think, feel, and act on the basis of his personal, family, or national “level of self” (Turner et al, 1987). This shows how influential our surroundings are to the choices we make and “it is an individual-based perception of what defines the “us” associated with any internalized group membership. This can be distinguished from the notion of personal identity, which refers to self-knowledge that derives from the individual’s unique attributes”(Lecture notes week 1). Self-concept is something that is learned and from what we know now, nobody is born with a self-concept. It continuously and slowly appears in the initial years of somebodies life and is shaped and reshaped through imitated and duplicated incidents and experiences,…
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