Identity And The Self Image

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I Thought I Knew You

How do we really identify ourselves? Other than the obvious components of identity, such as one 's appearance, what else defines identity? How do others’ views affect the way we look at ourselves, and how do the groups we involve ourselves with define us? Lastly, how do these different components of identity intertwine, and how do they relate to the self-image we create of ourselves? Taking all of these questions into consideration, I am going to determine whether one 's identity is transparent to others, or if it is am ambiguous concept rooted deep within an individual. To begin answering all of these questions I want to start by simply defining two terms. The first is “identity”, which, Merriam-Webster describes
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The media and authorities have identified him as Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old Caucasian male. What they can’t figure out, however, is why he decided to go on this shooting rampage. They began to look into things like his religious beliefs, his mental state, his criminal background, and his life experiences. These details, investigators believe, would help shed light on who this man was and why he did what he did. What was it that was hidden underneath his visible qualities that made him capable of this mass murder? It is interesting that investigators look at these particular components of someone’s identity in the hopes that it will provide further evidence as to why a person would commit such a crime. In an interview with CNN, Paddock’s brother said, "There 's absolutely no way I could conceive that my brother would shoot a bunch of people that he didn 't know.” This statement raises the question of whether we can we really know someone’s true identity. Even when the people closest to you think that they know you, do they really know you? Can someone define him- or herself by something that no one ever truly knows? To further explain this concept, I want to shed light on someone that I know I can identify better than anyone else: myself. To start, I am 22-years-old, straight, white, and female. Most of these things can be seen with the naked eye. I also associate myself with a few different
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