Identity And True Identity In The Movie 'Finding Forrester'

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Expository Essay In everyone’s there is your character and your identity. Some people choose to express their true identity and true self, others hide their intentions and attitude to protect themselves. Their actions to hide their personality could have been possibly decided by experiences or lifestyles. In the movie Finding Forrester, the character Jamal Wallace is a 16 year old African American boy from the Bronx. Where Jamal is from success in academics is not important and is not a necessity. In order to merge into the norm Jamal purposing flunks his grades to not expose his talent of literacy. While playing basketball Jamal is dared by his friends to break into an apartment that overlooks the courts. That night he broke in he was caught by the owner of the apartment William Forrester, as he dashed out he dropped his bag. The next day his bag was tossed at him as he crossed the street to the courts. Later that day he noticed his writing was corrected and marked with errors. Since that point on Jamal and William worked together to expand and exploit Jamal's gift. In the movie Finding Forrester, lifestyles and experiences shape people’s outside character, instead of exploiting their true selves. Different characters find different mechanisms to hide their true selves to avoid reactions. In the movie Finding Forrester the main character Jamal Wallace, a 16 year old African American kid from the Bronx is challenged. During his time attending a public school in the Bronx,

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