Identity And Worldview : The Question Of Identity

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Adam, Joseph R
RLGN 104 – B04
Prof. Garber
Liberty University

Part I.
What is a worldview? A person’s worldview can be defined as a person’s philosophy of life, or the way they view the world. You may refer to a person’s worldview as the framework in-which they, or yourself, make decisions based on what you are presented with. Your neighbor, your teacher, myself and even you have a worldview unique to yourself; however, we have similarities in our worldviews. These worldviews are influenced by many factors the media, church, schools, parents and even our teachers. My worldview suggests that your parents have a major factor during your childhood.

Part II.
The Question of Origin “In the beginning, God
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The arch of Noah is a prime example of this God given responsibility; God informed Noah when a great flood would be coming and how to save not only himself and family from the flood but the animals as well.
The Question of Meaning Mankind was created to inhabit the earth (Genesis 1:26:28) God created mankind with an intentional purpose, to be dominant over all other creatures of the planet. We as humans live in the relevance of God and his word; although not executed with perfection. The main purpose for our lives is to serve and glorify God (Corinthians 10:31) It is in human nature to sin; however, forgivingness’ is given to those whom ask and regret sinful decisions and attempt to right their wrongs. Mankind was created in the image of God. We were created to serve and obey God, and to live by faith and obedient to God. (Genesis 2:15-17)

The Question of Morality
“Mankind was created in the image of God.” (Genesis 2:15-17) Being created in the image of God makes us moral beings; with the ability to decide between right and wrong. According to Noebel “Christian morality is founded on the conviction that an absolute moral order exists.” The differences between right and wrong is absolute as defined by God, not mankind’s view of right and wrong by mankind’s perspective.
The Question of Destiny It’s your destiny you decide, on earth and beyond in heaven or hell; it’s your choice. The decisions we as humans make

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