Identity Components Of My Education

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An identity component is the fundamental of my identity, who am I, what I do, or how I will be judge by others. The important identity component that I was able to come up with is education and it is important in my family because it was hard for my grandparents to finish school. In this essay, however, my focus is on the identity component called education because it is important to me because I want to make my parents happy that I accomplished school. My education has been a struggle in my life and I still have a lot of challenges in the future which makes my education important. The struggles that make my education a powerful component is the ways to improve it by explaining why I had a tough time in school, what made it so challenging for me, what was the result, and how I accomplished my goal to achieve an associate’s degree, a dream that I will make come true. I started experiencing tough times when I was in elementary school at Orange Grove. It was a tough time for me because I was in kindergarten and I did not know how to behave like a young man. When I was in kindergarten, I started experiencing tough changes because I had a tough time focusing, my education was weak, I had a tough time reading the board, and I had a tough time doing some math problems because they were all very challenging for me. One reason why I had a tough time is that I frequently got into trouble at school because I did not know any better, and I kept asking questions repeatedly. Another

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