Identity Essay: My Cultural Identity

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I’ve never really questioned my cultural identity, actually nobody even asked me what my cultural identity was. I guess they just thought I was a regular black girl that likes watermelon and fried chicken. Now don’t get me wrong mama loves her some fried chicken, but I don’t really care for watermelon. Don’t take that as a shock, not all black people like watermelon. Truth of the matter is that I'm really just a hot chip, school loving, catholic, hair braiding, soul-food eating, outgoing, loud-mouth, overachieving, African-American girl. Most people don’t care about what your cultural identity is they just look at you and just assume that by the color of your skin you're supposed to act a certain way. For instance, All Asians are supposed to be really good in math. …show more content…

For our rice and gravy we add cornstarch to make the gravy thicker. Food is a big part of my cultural identity. Simply because I love food. My favorite thing to eat is Chinese food, not the fake stuff that they lie and try to tell us it is. I’m talking about real Chinese/ Asian food. On my mom's side my Aunt cooks a mean chow mein. It’s finger lickin good. Also, I love a good spicy chicken curry. A curry to me is like rice and gravy but way more thicker. Even though I’m african-american I still like foods from other cultures. Who I identify as is a black girl, a black girl headstrong and driven to be successful. There's no other way to be in my house. All my parents talk about is grades and school. They always talk about how they want me to be great and to get away from lafayette. It’s actually a lot of pressure trying to live up to their standards because I really don’t want to disappoint them. My morals are to go to law school, make my parents proud, graduate with honors, and be successful. That’s why I work hard in school and try to make good grades. I know if I don’t I will be shamed and

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